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Attention: Keysoft discontinued!

Please note that Keysoft has been discontinued since 15.02.18!
On our part we can not offer any support anymore!
We were forced to take this step because susestudio.com stopped working at the same time.
It is possible to continue to download the ISO images, but it is strongly recommended to update them manually!
Thank you for your loyalty and support!

What is Keysoft?

Keysoft is a free and open operating system, which should enable creative projects and ideas to be easily realized.

We wanted to create an operating system that would provide all the resources needed for creative work and that all free, secure and open source. - We have succeeded with Keysoft, but we will continue go on and on, to create the perfect user experience, as we wish happy users! We are long not yet at this goal, however as there will always be new users who value other functions than we, so write us your feedback and your wishes that we can create the perfect operating system and make many happy.



Keysoft is also designed for blind users, since a screenreader, Orca and Braille display drivers, BrlTTY are preinstalled. We put great value on accessibility, because we think everyone is entitled to the use of computers.

Free of charge and Open Source

Keysoft is based on Linux openSUSE and is free of charge and ad free for everyone accessible. You don´t need license keys yet, and you will never need them in the future. We only use optional donations to finance this project.

Included Software

From Audcity to produce music, GIMP for image processing, to BleachBit to clean up Keysoft, everything is there. In addition, there are over 3623 packages in Keysoft, which means you have a great selection of software and can use their favorite applications.


Keysoft includes VirtualBox and Wine, so that you don´t have to miss your favorite applications from an other operating system. You can start your required operating system next to Keysoft or you run your Windows Programs directly into Keysoft.


Keysoft is not vulnerable to viruses, because Linux represents only a small part of the desktop operating systems and is so unpopular for hackers. Badly a virus infection can not be fully excluded, for this reason is ClamTK an anti-virus application are preinstalled and can also used to scan an Windows-Installation.


With Keysoft will functionality and an individual design become one, for every taste is something included. You also can customize every Desktop-Envirement according to your wish. For the Terminal-Friends there are also many programs preinstalled in Keysoft.


An own Apache 2 Webserver, an FTP-Server or an e-mail-Server, and many other servers are available in Keysoft, withe a few mouse clicks installed, configured and ready to extend your home-network or companies-network or to build an own internet presence.

For every Target Group

Keysoft should be easy for beginners, because they is a up-to date User Guide for an easy and quick start, and for the advanced users, there are many professional tools included in Keysoft, like various IDEs and many other software.

Our Team

Z1TR0T3C          Falk Rismansanj



          Eric Röder



          Karl Eick


The development of Keysoft costs a lot of time and energy, if you would like to express your appreciation, please invest a few Euros to support our project. We need donations in order to be able to offer Keysoft also in the future free of charge, open source and advertising free, every donation counts! Thank you for your commitment and support!
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e-Mail: support@keysoft.zitrotec.de

Phone: +49 176 56931729

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Published on  September 17th, 2018